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Rainbow Guppy Males - (Poecilia Reticulata)

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Poecilia Reticulata - Guppy - Rainbow Guppy 
 Variety Male

Inhabits warm springs and their effluents, weedy ditches and canals. Found in various habitats, ranging from highly turbid water in ponds, canals and ditches at low elevations to pristine mountain streams at high elevations. Occurs in wide variety of habitats with low predation pressure, usually in very small streams and densely vegetated lakes and springs. Has a wide salinity range but requires fairly warm temperatures (23-24 °C) and quiet vegetated water for survival. Feeds on zooplankton, small insects and detritus. One of the most popular aquarium fishes with many standardized varieties. Female reaches 5 cm. Males mature at 2 months and females at 3 months of age. Aquarium keeping: in groups of 5 or more individuals. A very popular and widely available species in the aquarium trade. In Australia, wild populations were established prior to the 1970s, undoubtedly the result of thoughtless aquarists discarding unwanted pets.  Males are about half the size of females with colorful tail and caudal fin; the anal fin is transformed into a gonopodium for internal fertilization. Males are continuously chasing and mating females.

Females can store sperms for later fertilization and may produce young every four weeks. Pregnant females are recognizable by black triangle between anal and pelvic fins. After a gestation period of four to six weeks females give birth to 20-40 live young. No parental care is exercised and parents may even prey on their young.