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NYOS True Algae 120ml

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NYOS True Algae is a high-quality fish food supplement that is designed to provide your fish with a nutritious and natural source of food. Here's an overview of this product:

  • NYOS True Algae is made with a blend of 100% natural, organic ingredients that are free from additives and preservatives, ensuring that your fish receive only the best nutrition possible.
  • The product contains a variety of different algae, including spirulina, chlorella, and nori, which provide essential vitamins and minerals that promote optimal health and vitality in your fish.
  • The algae are carefully harvested and dried to preserve their nutritional value and ensure that they remain fresh and nutritious.
  • The product is suitable for a wide range of fish species, including herbivorous and omnivorous fish, and can be used as a daily food supplement or as a treat for your fish.
  • The algae are formulated to sink slowly, allowing your fish to feed at their leisure and reducing waste in your aquarium.
  • NYOS is a reputable brand in the fish food industry, known for producing high-quality, natural fish foods that promote the health and vitality of fish.
  • The product comes in a resealable pouch, which helps to keep the algae fresh and free from moisture, ensuring that your fish receive the best nutrition possible.
  • Overall, NYOS True Algae is an excellent choice for fish keepers looking to provide their fish with a nutritious and natural source of food that promotes optimal health and vitality. With its high-quality ingredients and slow-sinking formula, NYOS True Algae is sure to be a hit with your fish.