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Red Head Geophagus Tapajos Cichlid (Geophagus pyrocephalus)


The Geophagus Tapajos, known commonly as the Red Head Tapajos, is a vibrantly colored fish found in the Rio Tapajos within the Amazon River basin of South America. The Geophagus Tapajos’ name comes from the Greek word geo, meaning ‘earth’, and phagus, meaning ‘to eat’. This species is a rare beauty among aquarium hobbyists, as it is only found in a limited region of the world.

The Geophagus Tapajos is named for its red and orange colored head, with a neutral-colored base, subtle vertical stripes, and gold to green iridescent scales. This species is easily identified by the colors on its body and the markings on its translucent fins.

Because of their warm water origins, the Geophagus Tapajos prefers water temperatures that range from 76 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. They thrive the most in clean waters with low light that allows them to sift in the sand for food. A filtration system with a moderate current that allows for calmer areas in the tank should be included. Water changes should frequently occur to keep nitrate to a minimum because the Geophagus Tapajos is sensitive to deteriorating water conditions.