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Red Neon Blue Eye Rainbow (Pseudomugil luminatus) 

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The red neon rainbow fish has a vibrant red/orange color, making it an attractive addition to aquariums. This colorful but small aquatic fish is rare, so you have to learn the proper ways of caring for them if you want to enjoy them longer.

Beautiful is an understatement to describe this nano fish breed with the scientific name Pseudomugil Luminatus classified under the subfamily Pseudomugilinae.

The latter was derived from “Pseudo,” which means false, and “Mugil,” which means mullets. The breed resembles the mullet fish in physical shape, but they are not related.

Aside from red neon rainbowfish, it is also commonly called Blue Eyes or Red Neon Blue-Eyed Fish. You will understand why when you see them swimming in the water as their blue eyes glow when stuck with light.

The fish can grow from one inch to two inches – making them small but awesome-looking water creatures.