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Taiwan Reef Cichlid (Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan")

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Taiwan Reef cichlids are gorgeous looking Haps and will surely be the talk of your tank! This stunning Hap is commonly seen around Taiwanee reef just off of Chizumulu Island in lake Malawi.Taiwan Reef cichlids are a late bloomer, but once they fully mature they will be one of the stars of your tank. Keeping them with less aggressive haps or peacocks will best suite this fish.Algae constitutes a large portion of this fishes diet in the wild. They are greedy eaters when kept in captivity. So keep the frozen food feeding on the light side. Our spirulina flake and algae wafers will keep this fish happy and healthy.We have several Taiwan Reef cichlids for sale and many males with good color coming in. Order 3 or more to save with our bulk discounts.

Breeding :
The Taiwan Reef cichlid is a sexually dimorphic fish where the males display the bright colors and females remain a silverish-grey color with black vertical bars that have a spot near the middle. Males will also grow to be larger than the females.Taiwan Reef cichlids are mouthbrooders which means that the female will carry the eggs and fry in her mouth to protect them after spawning. In a home aquarium it is best to have one male and several females to divide the male's attention up between the females. After spawning, the female will pick up the eggs and carry them in her mouth for three weeks or longer.